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A Mum, a Wife, an Actress and a Business Owner

By Lucy Richardson, Mar 8 2017 01:36PM

As I take a moment to sit down and think on ‘International Womens Day’, take a minute to just STOP and really think about what I’m juggling – I can’t help but have a little wobble, cry and feel sorry for myself… for just one minute.

I’ve just had a battle with the toddler who refused to get in his car seat (again) I needed to get him to his afternoon Nursery session which I’ve worked hard to pay for. Hurt my hand and broke a nail in the process – those bloody buckles! I get back home to sit and think, still shaking after all that. My little girl is starting to suffer anxiety at the tender age of 5 (this breaks my heart) so my daily struggle of getting her to school in the morning is actually tougher than I realised, when I take a moment to stop and think.

Now I have a couple of hours child-free, I must get on with my long list of work things to do – interspersed with house work. Taking multi-tasking to a new level. Before its time to collect the children and do the swimming lesson before the tea time chaos commences.

So I sit and think about strong independent women, who have children and work like I do. It’s a tough call. After all, I CHOSE to put my career on hold to have my children. And I CHOSE to get my career back on track last year plus run my business whilst bringing up two children.

Why don’t you stop working and be a full time Mum? I’ve been asked this. My answer is that firstly, being a Mum IS full time, 24/7. Secondly, why can’t I work AND be a Mum? My Sister does it. My Mum did it. I work so hard in a freelance cut throat industry but I want to do it, want to achieve. I’m ridiculously busy but I think I’m being a great role model for my children who can see me achieving my dream. Always follow your dreams. To all the working Mums – you’re amazing.

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